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Revive Sign-Off Party!


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Revive Network

We built an amazing community filled with amazing people and amazing potential.
It was more then just bringing back a game for us. For us it was a chance to dive into real world problems. Solve things and evolve our talents and skills.

We believe we have done that, With the DCMA in action we promised we would shut down if we ever got the message. Not due to the fact that we have to but because its the right thing to do.

Even though many of you are upset at EA. We respect and honor the...

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Overwatch Friends

So I was playing Overwatch today. And I am super close to getting silver that I cant even stand it. I was taking a beating and not losing any SR but certainly not gaining any. However if I have learned anything is its to stay positive and be a role model in a world of darkness. Its easy and expected to defaulted to nasty talk and telling people they are cancer.

After awhile I fell across this team. That we won by the skin of our teeth. After the match it was magic. We all flushed in as a...

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