Its Just a Database!

Seriously Folks. Its just information, Don't get all bent out of shape over it

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Control4 API

Create Bindings For Control4

6 days ago

How to Create a Service In Linux

Lets make a service to run in Ubuntu

2 weeks ago

Update JSON Every Minute To ID

This script will roll through a Json file and update the Browser Every Few Minutes.

1 month ago

Raspberry PI Web Server Light Weight

This Manual will get you a Light weight LAMP Server For Web admin panel ideas Using your Raspberry Pi.

1 month ago

Adobe Flash Aftermath

I needed adobe to still work on my PC Here is how I did it.

2 months ago

C# HTTP Post

Submit Post to C#

6 months ago

Install NVR Ispy to Linux

Running NVR for Ispy On Ubuntu

6 months ago

Ender 3 BLtouch 4.2.7

The Reason BLtouch isnt working.

6 months ago

Create a Centos Powered Kiosk

This will automatically install all required parts for Xwin and Opera fullscreen.

7 months ago

Lamp Stack in 2020

Lamp Server in Ubuntu

9 months ago

Positions of the United States government

A direct list of all positions in the United States government This is currently a work in progress

10 months ago

History rolls within a generation

Humans are not smart enough to remember nor are they able to correlate history

10 months ago

2020 election voter fraud.

Pastebin research

11 months ago

It's hard not to be a nihilist.

Why are we so easily nihilistic? why are we so prone to destroy each other when we have the capacity for so much greatness.

12 months ago

Upgrade your Ender 3 Pro

3D Print STL upgrades

1 year ago

Microsoft Edge is a Virus Change my Mind

Will fill in later.

1 year ago

Joe Biden Isnt a logical Choice.

This video shows that Biden was never a viable option.

1 year ago

Windows Set Default User Login

How to set the default login.

1 year ago

Don't take the counter offer

The counter offer may look lucrative but it won't last long

1 year ago