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Overwatch Friends

So I was playing Overwatch today. And I am super close to getting silver that I cant even stand it. I was taking a beating and not losing any SR but certainly not gaining any. However if I have learned anything is its to stay positive and be a role model in a world of darkness. Its easy and expected to defaulted to nasty talk and telling people they are cancer.

After awhile I fell across this team. That we won by the skin of our teeth. After the match it was magic. We all flushed in as a...

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The Lies in The AIO Marketing Tools

Listen. Don't pay for anything automatic. If they are claiming they have built a "Tool" to manage your social media. Take time to consider why they made that tool in the first place. The Winner in marketing is ROI and Monthly residuals. To you the user that's Monthly payments. But Little did you know. Those tools grant themselves full access to your account at the same control levels you have. Leaving room for empowerment or hostage situations.

Facebook and many other...

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Mono marketing experiment

So I've been testing some theories of how reactionary advertising works and how people use websites. Intact I've put slot of effort into this site with the same principles applied

A lot of creators tend to think they want a full and feature rich site filled with color. They want a loyal base of people.

I've learned that you don't want a color rich site in a revenue enhanced site. You want the ads to draw attention but not be intrusive or passive-aggressive.


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The First Stage

This website will slowly progress over the next few weeks. Its my hope that my efforts here will eventually pay off. Right now I am focusing on social media services, Basically things people can view and click when they are board. Most of the things here right now are designed as Facebook directors as Facebook handles mobile and desktop actions for this.

You may have found yourself interested in a article on Facebook So you click on the link interested in picture number 6 or what happens...

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The Expansion

So I've been focusing more and more on my website, I've wasted years trying to build a community and spent little time on a resource for myself and a collective site of my efforts. So I started to build upon this site. I Figure the best way to get started is to take all my projects and codes and get them ready for the masses.

Update with the latest code and get the site functional so that people can start using it. There is some things that are kinda built to grab attn. and some...

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Control4 Migration Wizard

Control4 Now for the EA and HC800/250 Series Control4 has introduced a migration tool designed to help you move controllers. All that is needed of a dealer is to place a new controller on the same network and then place the new controller in the project, Under "Tools" in Composer Is the "Wizards" option. Then select the Migration wizard option. Select the source and destination wizard.

Once the migration starts you then watch over the project. The Director you are connected...

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