Who is Engineerisaac?

Engineerisaac is a web investor. He builds websites, communities and projects to better the world.

I build and kickstart projects with Volunteers, Programmers and Graphics designers working together to build on massive scale. Most projects find their way into mainstream media and most volunteers are found hired into large firms.

The Films are starting to fall in!

Thanks to all those who have posted so far! We appreciate your help making our video archive and viralize software so effective!

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Welcome to 2018

A new line of blue is coming out this year. We started with this new site to start we will be progressing and adding features to it every night. We will be rolling out competitive play and amazing perks.

It might not look like much now. but thats how all great projects start. Its how revive started and its how the next big thing will appear. We need you to help us fill this new hall with your amazing content.

We are blue entertainment we are the oldest and strongest community in the...

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Blue Entertainment Coming soon

It's been years of dormancy but it's finally come time for new life to be pushed into the Blue crew. The fathers of the Revive network are rebirth will come in the format of Streams, Movies and Competitive Game play around PUBG and Battalion 1944.

We are excited to see the hype grow. We are launching a website to start. A proper gaming hub that can expand as we do. We took everything we learned from battlelog.co and pushed it into this.

We hope you as a member finds a place to...

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